Magnavox Odyssey Game System

The very first home video game console, the Odyssey was being played at home years before Joust, before Beserk, heck, years before Pong! Now, to be fair, if you showed the Odyssey to anyone born after Reagan, they would probably insist that the Odyssey is not a video game at all, but instead a a strange looking flashlight and a sheet of plastic. The reason for this is that the Odyssey was VERY limited in terms of graphics, so much so that if you wanted to play hockey, for instance, you would actually attach a semi-translucent sheet to your TV screen. This piece of plastic WAS THE GRAPHICS! Then you would use your controllers to move and manipulate your players, which were basically beams of light. The interactivity was so rudimentary that the games came with hardware like bank notes and poker chips to help you keep score... this is primitive stuff people. But if you were an early-adopter of the 70's or simply are a freaky gaming historian, hit the eBay button to see where all the magic started, or else the Amazon one to see the later, cartridge-based second release.


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